Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other question that’s not listed here, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Are the fonts free to use?

Our fonts are fully free to try for personal use. For all commercial use including designs for clients, presentations and logos, you will need to purchase a commercial license.

Our fonts are fully free to try for personal uses only, for all commercial uses including projects for clients, presentations, logos, website and editorial usage, you will need to purchase the respective commercial license.

What are the trial versions limitations?

The trial versions of our fonts have a limited character set, usually without special features such as stylistic alternates, swashes or most ligatures.

If you’re working on a project that requires a trial version that makes use of those features, for testing purposes, please contact us with your name and a few project details, we will send over an agreement and after it’s signed, you’ll received the expanded trial font files.

Is there a discount for students?

Yes, we offer a 25% discount for students, email us with your student ID and we will guide you through. Your student ID needs to be in date in order for you to claim it.

How many licenses do I need?

You need one license for every computer you want to install it on or website/Apps you want to use it on. 1 license allows you to create as many logos, print and non-embedded digital documents containing the font as you want.

Who should buy the license, the client or the designer?

Anyone who uses the font needs a license. If only one designer has access to them, then only one license needs to be purchased. If the client also needs to use them on their side, both the designer and client must own a license.

Can I use your font in logos?

Converting the type to outlines is the best way to do it since it’s not only the only way for others to use the logo without owning a license, but also allows the logo to look the same when used by others.

How can I share fonts with outside contractors?

Every independent entity needs a license to use the font files, if you’re a freelance designer working for an advertising agency, design studio or publisher, each identity will need to own a license to use the font files.

Can I customize your fonts?

You can edit the contours as much as you like but not the font file itself, or use the edited contours to generate a new version of the font file.

What are the payment options?

We currently only accept PayPal payments through our website, however if you want to use any other form of payment please contact us at

Payment is securely processed through PayPal. We do not keep any payment information in our databases.

What is the font file format you deliver?

Our fonts for print are all OpenType fonts (OTF) and most of our fonts come with all the web versions. If you have a special requirement for another format, contact us.

Are the fonts refundable?

No, since the font files are delivered to you as soon as the payment is accepted it’s not possible to refund the transaction.

I didn’t receive my order/the download doesn’t work

Please contact us and we’ll send the files directly to you as soon as possible.

Will the fonts be updated?

Yes, we usually update our fonts with new features and improvements, and you receive those updates free of charge.